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Welcome to the ultimate guide for inflatable SUP accessories! If you’re new to the world of stand up paddleboarding or looking to upgrade your gear, this guide is perfect for you. In this section, we’ll dive into the essentials of inflatable SUPs and introduce you to the best add-ons available on the market today.

Stand up paddleboarding has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its versatility and convenience. Inflatable SUPs are a popular choice because they are easy to transport and store, making them perfect for traveling and those with limited storage space. But, there are certain accessories you’ll need to have the best paddling experience with your board, which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything from choosing the best inflatable SUP to must-have accessories and add-ons that can enhance your paddleboarding experience. Let’s dive in!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Inflatable SUPs are a versatile and convenient choice for stand up paddleboarding.
  • Essential accessories include stand up paddle boards and inflatable paddleboards.
  • Choosing the best inflatable SUP requires research and consideration of factors such as size, weight limit, and intended use.
  • Must-have accessories for inflatable SUPs include waterproof phone cases, kayak seats, and fishing rod holders.
  • Enhance your paddling experience with add-ons such as battery-powered air pumps and collapsible paddles.

Choosing the Best Inflatable SUP

When selecting an inflatable SUP, it is essential to consider several factors to ensure that you find the best option that suits your needs and budget. Below we have compiled a detailed guide that includes reviews of the best inflatable SUP, the top brands on the market, and valuable tips for finding a quality, yet affordable option.

Inflatable SUP Reviews

Before making a purchase, it is essential to read inflatable SUP reviews to gain insight into the experience of other users. Reviews can provide crucial information on durability, performance, and overall value.

“I purchased an inflatable SUP from Body Glove, and it is the best purchase I have made so far. It’s lightweight, durable, and straightforward to inflate. The board has fantastic stability, and it’s easy to maneuver in the water. I highly recommend it.” – Sarah Johnson

Some popular inflatable SUP brands that receive high ratings include Body Glove, Atoll, and SereneLife.

Top Inflatable SUP Brands

BrandPrice RangeFeatures
81Ua7nJR38L. AC SL1500

Body Glove

$500-$900Lightweight, durable construction, and perform well in water.

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616Y+xHSXOL. AC SL1200


$600-$800Premium quality, waterproof backpack for storage and transport, and customizable paddle length.

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71ljSwXMJ+L. AC SL1500


$250-$350Inexpensive, fast inflation, and lightweight.

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Tips for Finding a Quality, Yet Affordable Inflatable SUP

If you’re working with a tight budget, it’s possible to find a high-quality inflatable SUP at an affordable price by doing the following:

  • Look for sales and discounts on popular eCommerce platforms like Amazon, REI, etc.
  • Consider purchasing used inflatable SUPs from credible dealers or online marketplaces.
  • Read customer reviews to learn about the performance, durability, and overall value of each option before buying.

In conclusion, choosing the best inflatable SUP requires careful consideration of factors such as inflatable SUP reviews, brands, and price. When selecting an option that fits your needs and budget, make sure to read reviews and look for sales or discounts to make the most out of your purchase.

Must-Have Accessories for Your Inflatable SUP

If you’re looking to enhance your paddling experience, consider investing in must-have accessories for your inflatable SUP. These add-ons can help improve your comfort, boost your performance, and make your overall experience more enjoyable. Here are a few essential inflatable SUP accessories to consider:

1. SUP Boards

A SUP board is the most essential accessory for stand-up paddling. When choosing one, consider the size, shape, and rigidity of the board. Some of the most popular SUP boards include:

Board TypeAdvantages
All-Around SUP BoardGreat for beginners, all-purpose performance, stable and comfortable
Touring SUP BoardDesigned for long-distance paddling, efficient gliding, straighter tracking, faster speeds
Yoga SUP BoardSuper stable and wide, perfect for yoga poses on the water

Inflatable SUP board for sale

Additionally, you can find a wide range of inflatable SUP boards for sale online and at sporting goods stores. These options are often more affordable, easy to transport, and convenient.

2. SUP Paddles

When choosing a SUP paddle, pay attention to the blade size and shape, material, and length. A high-quality paddle can help you paddle faster and more efficiently. Consider adjustable and collapsible paddles for easier storage and transportation.

3. PFD (Personal Flotation Device)

A PFD is a crucial safety accessory when paddleboarding, especially in rough waters or gusty winds. Look for inflatable or lightweight PFDs that won’t weigh you down or hinder your movements.

4. Leashes

A leash keeps you and your board connected and prevents the board from drifting away if you fall off. Look for a leash that fits your board size and type, and consider coiled leashes for less drag in the water.

5. Waterproof Case or Bag

To protect your valuables such as your phone, keys, or wallet while paddleboarding, consider investing in a waterproof case or bag. These accessories can give you peace of mind and keep your essentials safe and dry.

Investing in inflatable SUP accessories can make a world of difference in your paddling experience. Consider the essentials mentioned above, and explore other add-ons such as kayak seats, fishing rod holders, and more. Happy paddling!

Enhancing Your Paddling Experience with Inflatable SUP Add-Ons

Do you want to take your inflatable SUP to the next level? Look no further than these inflatable SUP add-ons! From kayak seats to waterproof phone cases, there are plenty of accessories to enhance your paddling experience.

Kayak Seats

Transform your inflatable SUP into a kayak with a kayak seat! Many SUPs come with D-rings installed that you can attach the kayak seat to. This add-on provides extra comfort and support for longer paddles.

Fishing Rod Holders

If you love to fish, consider adding a fishing rod holder to your inflatable SUP. This accessory allows you to easily and securely attach your fishing rod to your board, freeing up your hands to paddle and cast.

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Waterproof Phone Cases

Keep your phone safe and dry with a waterproof phone case. This accessory allows you to bring your phone with you on the water, so you can capture photos, navigate, or listen to music without worrying about getting it wet.

Inflatable SUP with waterproof phone case.

Lashing Straps

Lashing straps are a simple but useful accessory for inflatable SUPs. They allow you to securely attach gear or other items to your board, so you can bring along your essentials without worrying about losing them in the water.

With these inflatable SUP add-ons, you can customize your board to meet your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re a fisherman, photographer, or just looking for extra comfort, there’s an accessory out there for you.


That concludes our ultimate guide to inflatable SUP accessories! We hope this article has provided you with valuable insights on how to enhance your paddling experience and choose the best inflatable SUP for your needs.

Remember, adding must-have accessories such as SUP boards or waterproof phone cases can add both functionality and enjoyment to your paddleboarding adventure. Additionally, inflatable SUP add-ons like kayak seats or fishing rod holders can take your experience to the next level.

Make sure to do your research and read inflatable SUP reviews to find the top brands in the market. Don’t forget to explore accessories available for sale to customize your board and make it truly your own.

Thank you for reading, and happy paddleboarding!


What is an inflatable SUP?

An inflatable SUP, short for stand up paddle board, is a type of paddle board that can be inflated and deflated for easy storage and transport.

Why should I choose an inflatable SUP over a traditional one?

There are several advantages to choosing an inflatable SUP. They are portable, easy to store, and can be carried in a backpack. Inflatable SUPs are also more durable, making them ideal for shallow waters and rocky terrains.

Are inflatable SUPs as stable as traditional paddle boards?

Yes, inflatable SUPs are designed to offer stability and balance, just like traditional paddle boards. They are constructed with multiple layers of reinforced materials for strength and rigidity.

How long does it take to inflate an inflatable SUP?

The time it takes to inflate an inflatable SUP depends on the pump you are using. With a high-quality hand pump, it usually takes around 5-10 minutes to fully inflate the board.

Can I use an inflatable SUP for surfing?

While inflatable SUPs can handle small waves, they are not specifically designed for surfing. If you are primarily interested in surfing, a traditional hardboard may be a better option.

How should I store my inflatable SUP?

It is best to store your inflatable SUP in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Avoid storing it folded for long periods to prevent creases from forming.

Are inflatable SUPs suitable for beginners?

Yes, inflatable SUPs are great for beginners. They provide stability and are forgiving if you fall off. Additionally, they are easier to transport, making it convenient for beginners to get to the water.

Can I attach accessories to my inflatable SUP?

Absolutely! Many inflatable SUPs have attachment points where you can secure various accessories such as kayak seats, fishing rod holders, and even waterproof phone cases.

How long does an inflatable SUP last?

The lifespan of an inflatable SUP depends on how well it is cared for. With proper maintenance and storage, an inflatable SUP can last for many years of use.

Can I use an inflatable SUP for yoga?

Yes, inflatable SUPs can be used for yoga. Their stability and buoyancy make them a popular choice among yoga enthusiasts who want to enjoy their practice on the water.